DC Superhero Girls Take The Stage at WonderCon
30 Mar. 2019

DC Superhero Girls Take The Stage at WonderCon

Lauren Faust, the creator of Cartoon Network’s reboot of DC Superhero Girls, took the stage at WonderCon this weekend along with the voice actors of the iconic superhero team. Grey Griffin (Diana Prince), Tara Strong (Barbara Gordon), Nicole Sullivan (Kara Danvers), Kari Wahlgren (Zatanna), Myrna Velasco (Jessica Cruz) and Kimberly Brooks (Karen ‘Bumblebee’ Beechers) all shared their enthusiasm for the season and what’s to come. Valerio Ventura, who works on styling these characters, also joined the stage.

To kick off the panel, fans were treated to a sneak peek of a new episode, introducing Diana’s comic book villain Barbie aka Cheetah. And although Cheetah isn’t a new character in the DC Superhero Girls world, Diana welcomes Cheetah with open arms in the end.

Faust shared the importance of bringing back the idea of “secret identities” in the reboot, revealing how excited she was that Warner Bros. was willing to do the reboot with “a whole new spin.”

The actors behind the camera revealed they have resonated a lot with their respective characters, and Griffin shared Diana’s mission to find herself has brought her closer to her real-life Mexican-American heritage.

For Brooks, the best part about voicing Bumblebee is that she gets to “tap into her youth.” The juxtaposition between her character being a hero yet tiny “comes in handy,” she revealed. “She can fit into places a lot of people can’t.”

The “most important” aspect of designing these characters is reflecting their personalities, Faust shared. “Who they are, and how they look reflects who they are.” As executive producer, she also tries to place importance on the diversity of body types in the show.”

A few iconic DC characters will be making their way onto the show, Faust revealed, including Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, BeastBoy, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire.

“Lots of people will be coming from Gotham. The DC Universe is so rich and in our story room, we have a wall full of characters that we want to hit someday, so we have to hope that this show lasts forever so we can hit all of them.”

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