The Flash Podcast 038 – Bette San Souci/Plastique

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this episode, Andy is joined once again by Shag Matthews (Webmaster of who did the Caitlin Snow and Firestorm episodes, this season. This time, he joins Andy to do a character spotlight about a DC villain that isn’t a Flash character per say, but someone who will be part of the new series: Bette San Souci aka Plastique!

Throughout the discussion, they go through Bette’s comic book history, her connections with Firestorm and her appearances in the media from Justice League: Unlimited to Smallville. In addition, they also speculate what the new The Flash TV show has in store for her as Bette/Plastique will be making her first appearance in episode 5, played by Kelly Frye.

They also discuss some recent Flash and Arrow casting news that came out last week as Amanda Pays, who played Dr. Tina McGee in the 1990’s The Flash, will be playing the same character on the new Flash show while Spartacus’s Nick Tarabay is joining Arrow as Flash rogue, Captain Boomerang!