WonderCon At Home 2021: Batwoman Panel – Recap

WonderCon 2021 may have been hosted at home, but it still gave DC TV fans some love with a panel for Batwoman season 2! The panel included Javicia Leslie (Ryan Wilder/Batwoman), Rachel Skarsten (Alice), Meagan Tandy (Sophie Moore), Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton), Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox), and executive producer/showrunner Caroline Dries as they chatted about what’s coming up in the second season and more!

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  • Starting off with the big news: Kate Kane is alive! Her return will affect everyone just as her disappearance affected everyone differently.
  • Javicia on character chemistry between Mary and Ryan: Mary holds Ryan accountable while supporting her and rooting for her. Love these two!
  • On Ryan and Luke – they share a lot in common and ground one another. We will continue to see this play out
  • Nicole Kang: Drunk Alice is my favorite mood of all time. Same, Nicole. Same. 
  • On Alice’s journey this season. Last season was about exploring Alice’s origin and her sisterly love story with Kate. This season sees her challenged to be vulnerable in a different way – in her romantic love story with Ocean. We also continue to explore the formative events that led to her rise to lead the Wonderland gang. 
  • On Ryan’s journey this season, Javicia speaks to Ryan’s trauma as a child. Her adoptive mother was her one anchor in her childhood. As an adult, Ryan feels compelled to play this role in other’s lives.
  • Mary’s clinic is shut down – how will this affect her relationship with her father? Nicole Kang feels the clinic is part of Mary’s identity – it will absolutely cause some bumps in the road between her and Jacob. 
  • Could Batwoman and the Crows work together? The cast isn’t sure, but Sophie is certainly starting to doubt their motives. 
  • Black Mask is coming! 
  • Javicia really knows her Batwoman lore!
  • Fun fact: the weapons cache in the bat cave changes every episode. If Batwoman has one of the weapons out in the field, you won’t see it in the cache. Nice attention to detail!
  • Another fun fact – Javicia has kept one of the bow staves to practice with outside of filming. “I’m obsessed with the bow staff!” The girl is an utter badass. 
  • There is a great discussion on costume design. From the ability to easily unclip Batwoman’s cape for easier combat to the “drink me” notes in Alice’s necklace, the amount of thought and planning that goes into the small details is incredible. 
  • Batmobile fun fact: They drive the car so hard that the tires need to be changed out after two days of shooting (max!). A set of tires for the car (a corvette beneath all the fancy details) costs about $2300 US, so they try to get as much out of them as possible.

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Batwoman airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on The CW!