One Year Later – 47 Episodes Later

December 2, 2013. It was exactly one year ago from today, and it’s a significant date for me for several reasons. I promise I will be short and sweet because I’m sure you have better things to do today than read this little piece *cough-Flash-Arrow-crossover-cough*.

I decided to do “The Flash Podcast” when the producers of Arrow announced they were developing a spin-off show focusing on The Flash. As someone who wanted to cover a DC TV show for a long time in podcast format, I was thrilled that something as cool as The Flash would become a TV show. I have spent over a year getting into the world of the Fastest Man Alive with comics, animated shows, the 90’s Flash TV show and lots of more Flashtastic things.

If you have been following the podcast since the first episode that I released on December 2, 2013, then you know that it has been one heck of a journey for me as a podcaster.  A lot of my initial plans for Season Zero went as planned, some got modified while some just had to be tossed aside, but that’s how life works, right? I produced 40 episodes in the Zero Year and was honored to have many great guests helping me make this podcast not only the first Flash TV podcast, but also the place for people that wanted to learn about this outstanding superhero.

I can’t even count how many e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages I have received over this past year of people thanking me for giving them a safe place to learn about the world of The Flash. I think the one that still stands out to me was a listener who wrote telling me they loved the show and that they loved how open I was with my sexuality so much that that person decided to come out to their family. I never thought I would be someone to have that effect on someone.

I will admit that I have had some harsh people too commenting on my lack of Flash knowledge in the beginning (even though I pointed out several times that I was getting into the Flash world along with the listeners, hence why I brought on knowledgeable guest hosts). That because I’m bisexual, I shouldn’t be podcasting or even speak my mind about geekdom. Well, you know what they say, haters gonna hate. In other words, if you got a problem, then sucks to be you! Luckily, there have been more supporters than haters, so in the end, haters are just background noise to me and I really don’t care or have the time to worry about negative people.

These past months have been insane, from everything that I got to do at San Diego Comic-Con to everything we have been doing with the podcast as a whole. Comic-Con still feels like a dream, though mostly because I got to meet people from the show that I was podcasting about. I still don’t know what was more epic, the fact that the charming Grant Gustin taught me how to take a selfie (I still need to master it) or the fact that the delightful Candice Patton knew who I was. Needless to say, Comic-Con 2014 is one I will never forget.

The team behind this podcast has grown and evolved so much, especially with the wonderful addition of one Mr. Scott Murray who joined the show when we needed a strong voice like him. It’s beyond me how the podcast continues to grow every week with the social media pages getting more following as well as the podcast listeners. Have I mentioned that y’all are super amazing? I’m sure I have, but I have no problem repeating it every single day because at the end of the day: this podcast is for you guys.

I can speak for all of us here on the Flash Podcast crew that we are having a blast covering such extraordinary television every week and hearing what you Speedsters (FYI: I love how that’s catching on since we had that chat on Twitter this summer for what to call Flash fans) think about it is what makes this experience so much fun.

To sum up this piece: one year later and I’m having the greatest time of my life podcasting about what has become one of the most outstanding television shows on TV right now. To see such talented people work their butts off every day to give us the greatest of entertainment is so inspiring and all I can say is thank you. But I also want to thank all of our listeners: you guys make the show run (get it? Run?  Because Flash…oh you get it!), and you have done so for the past 365 days.

We aren’t even half way in through this journey and if my predictions are correct: the epicness is only just beginning and I look forward to every part of what is coming. We have some Flashy things in store for you guys, so stay tuned and keep listening to the podcast.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight for “Flash Vs Arrow”, Part 1 of the epic and anticipated crossover between Arrow and The Flash with Part 2 tomorrow night, “The Brave and the Bold” – 8/7c on The CW. BE THERE!

But most of all, from the bottom of my enormous geeky heart and soul…

Thank You!

Your host,

Andy Behbakht