DC TV Podcasts 03 – The Flash Season 2/Arrow Season 4 So Far & DCTV

Recorded live on Saturday, March 12 – As we wait for new episodes of The Flash and Arrow, Quiver Podcast’s Michael Cohen and The Flash Podcast’s Andy Behbakht got together for a special live DC TV Podcasts show to chat all things DC TV. In the show, they discuss the recent episodes of Arrow Season 4 that dealt with Felicity Smoak’s wheelchair arc, the live-action introduction of Vixen (played by Megalyn E.K.) as well as some issues that the show has been having for the past season.

They also get deep about Season 2 of The Flash as Michael gets to geek out about the wonder that was King Shark and more. In addition, they discuss briefly about the two newest shows in the DC TV franchise with CBS’ Supergirl as well as The CW’s spin-off series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. That and more on a special episode of DC TV Podcasts! Disclaimer: there are spoilers from all the four shows and their recent episodes so be aware of spoilers if you aren’t caught up.

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The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, March 22 with Arrow returning the next night on Wednesday, March 23, both at 8/7c on The CW.

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