Iris & Caitlin’s Relationship Will Evolve In The Flash Season 4

One of the things that have always been noticed in the first three seasons of The Flash is the lack of interactions between some of the female characters on the show, including Iris West and Caitlin Snow. While they may be in the same scenes or room occasionally, it’s not often that we actually see Iris and Caitlin interact. It appears that Season 4 is going to change that, big time.

Entertainment Weekly’s Natalie Abrams revealed in her recent edition of Spoiler Room that Season 4 will flesh out the Iris and Caitlin relationship quite a lot. When speaking to Candice Patton in a recent interview, the actress revealed that the two women will be working a lot closer this year while also being there for one another.

“We’re definitely going to see Iris’ relationship with Caitlin especially developed this season, which we haven’t seen before, which will be really nice for fans. Fans have been wanting to see more female dynamic on the show, and there will definitely be that. They’re working closely together. Caitlin has been through so much herself in relationships, and I think if anyone can offer advice, it would be her, so she’s there quite often to give Iris advice on her relationship with Barry and how to move forward.”

The Flash Season 4 is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW! Let us know how you feel about Iris and Caitlin getting closer in Season 4 in the comments below.

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