Robbie Amell To Return To The Flash: As Deathstorm

It looks like Caitlin Snow of Earth-2 won’t be the only one that has gone bad in another reality – Entertainment Weekly broke the news today that Robbie Amell will be returning to The Flash as Ronnie Raymond…of Earth-2 and will be portraying the dark version of Firestorm known as Deathstorm! Executive Producer and Show-Runner Andrew Kreisberg said this to EW about Amell’s return as Deathstorm on The Flash:

“We are beyond excited to have Robbie back on The Flash. You can’t keep a good Firestorm down. Only this time, he’s back with a twist, a deadly Earth-Two version of our beloved Ronnie in the form of Deathstorm.”

Last time we saw Amell on the series, was in the season two premiere where he sacrificed himself to close the wormhole in Central City and supposedly died by doing so. While EW didn’t say whether or not we will be seeing Earth-1 Ronnie in the episode that Deathstorm debuts, anything is possible with this show. But the fun doesn’t stop there as EW did confirm that on Earth-2: Killer Frost and Deathstorm are a couple!

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 19th, 8/7c on The CW with the winter premiere titled “Potential Energy”. Let us know in the comments below – are you excited for Robbie Amell to play Deathstorm?