Two Years Later – 70 The Flash Podcast Episodes Later

It’s already been that long?

Two years ago on this exact date, December 2, 2013, was when it all started and when IT was born – The Flash Podcast. That’s when I released Episode Zero of the prequel season (a.k.a. Season Zero), where I was just rambling my excitement about The Flash TV show by myself for about 13 minutes as Barry Allen was just a few days away from making his first appearance on Arrow.

From that day on until the beginning of October 2014, week after week with barely any breaks, I spent about a year exploring the world of the Fastest Man Alive with some outstandingly talented guest hosts as I learned more about this fascinating mythology. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go through the whole history of the podcast again. If you want to read that, you can read the anniversary post that I did last year here. But I do want to just shed some light on where the podcast is today because holy Zoom, Batman: where The Flash Podcast is today is something that I never imagined or thought it would.

Since last year on December 2, 2014, the podcast has grown in all sorts of ways that I’m still trying to comprehend. We were fortunate to have the addition of the fabulous geeks Amy Marie and Lauren Gallaway, who joined me and the just-as-fabulous Scott Murray, to round out this phenomenal host line-up during the first season. Words can’t describe enough how much I love recording this show with all of them, to the point where it’s one of the weekly highlights for me. Not only do I get to talk with people who have become best friends to me about one of my all-time favorite TV shows, but I get to work with an excellent and brilliant team. I can’t thank the universe enough for having Scott, Amy and Lauren as my co-hosts.

I would be a complete fool if I didn’t bring up the other amazing people who help make the podcast what is from behind the scenes. We have been honored to be joined by gifted people like our current graphic artists David Jones and Mike Halpin, our regular contributor/guest host Adam Holmes, along with our composer Mike Schmidt, who not only created one of the defining aspects of this podcast, but has also gone on to create more iconic theme songs for some of the shows on DC TV Podcasts, some of which I produce. Speaking of that, DC TV Podcasts is also this amazing little gift that I never expected to be given, as the journey went on because not only do I have this amazing team on The Flash Podcast, but I also get to work with talented friends and fellow podcasters. They include Mike and Amanda on Quiver, Bill and Anne Marie on Legends of Gotham, Rebecca and Teresa on Supergirl Radio, Kat, Gregg and Tony on Legends of Tomorrow Podcast as well as Rose, Chris and again Gregg on DC Movies Podcast. I sincerely look at this extraordinary group as a Justice League of Podcasting. So much good has come out of it, and it’s even though it’s been about 9 months now since it was created, the journey is only just beginning. 2016 will be when that network takes some awesome next steps, but more on that for another day.

Throughout these two years, there have been so many great moments that have become some of my biggest and most important memories of my life. I still get asked what my favorite Flash-y moments have been so far and I still always go back to those moments at Comic-Con 2014 during The Flash press junket. It’s still a tie between meeting The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, who taught me how to take a selfie (I think I have gotten better at it…I think) or the lovely Candice Patton, who plays Iris West, already knowing who I was during round table. Don’t get me wrong, meeting them again at this year’s Comic-Con was also incredibly sweet too, but it will always be those first times that I cherish the most. Another great experience has been just meeting listeners and being recognized for my voice, which I know can get so annoying sometimes and bless those of you that put up with it [laughs]. Something that happened very recently was Geek and Sundry where this amazing writer, Heather Mason, wrote this wonderful piece on 11 amazing TV companion podcasts and named The Flash Podcast as “the perfect companion podcast for The Flash superfan”. That truly warmed my heart and it’s a huge honor to get something like that, but genuinely, I’m always happy whenever hearing that someone is enjoying the podcast because trust me: a lot goes in making this show every week, but it’s totally worth it because that’s how much I love it.

This podcast has also allowed me to create some amazing friendships with some of the great guest hosts that we have had throughout season 1, 1.5 and beyond. I could go on for hours how this podcast has truly given me so much good things in my life – without going too deep into my personal background, let’s just say that this podcast does more good for my life than some might think, hence why it’s so important to me and why I will always remember December 2, 2013. I think, as a wrap-up to this little post, I just want to say thank you – thank you for every single one of our listeners and followers that supports the podcast, listens and engages with it, for all the emails and comments we get every single week, for loving The Flash as much as we do. The podcast isn’t just for us the hosts; it’s primarily for you the listeners. Today is also a special day in another way because we will get part two of the crossover which we can’t wait to see and to talk about on the podcast this week. If anyone from the show happens to be reading this, I just want to thank you as well for giving us what is without doubt, one of the best television shows ever.

Today is special for another reason because we are getting “Legends of Yesterday” part 2 of the epic crossover event which airs at 8/7c on The CW and we can’t wait to get to talk about both parts on the podcast this week and also what you guys thought of it. But to wrap this up, from the bottom of my heart, just two words:

Thank You.

Your Host,

Andy B

[Also: because it’s so iconic: the official theme song of The Flash Podcast, by Mike Schmidt]