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The Flash Podcast Season 3 – Episode 19: The Once And Future Flash

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy BehbakhtAmy Marie and Brittany Rivera get together to review the nineteenth episode of The Flash Season 3 titled “The Once and Future Flash” as Barry Allen travels to 2024 to try and learn who Savitar is. The trio also read listener feedback about “The Once and Future Flash” before going on to the preview session for next week’s episode titled “I Know Who You Are” which will reveal the identity of Savitar as well as feature Vibe vs Killer Frost. That and more on the latest episode of The Flash Podcast!

As mentioned on the podcast, be sure to check out Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin’s Indiegogo campaign for “Tom & Grant” which ends in less than 10 days. Be sure to donate to their campaign by visiting and help them reach their goal!

Official CW Episode Description for The Flash 3.19: “The Once and Future Flash” | TOM CAVANAGH DIRECTS; BARRY TRAVELS TO THE FUTURE TO SAVE IRIS – Barry (Grant Gustin) travels to the future to find out Savitar’s still unknown identity in the hopes of saving Iris (Candice Patton).  Upon his arrival in 2024, Barry encounters future versions of his Team Flash friends, who, following the death of Iris, have become very different people, profoundly impacted by their showdown with Savitar.  It will be up to Barry to infuse a sense of hope back into the team, as he proves to be hero his future friends have been waiting for. Meanwhile, back in 2017, the hunt for Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) continues.  Tom Cavanagh directed the episode written by Carina Adly MacKenzie (#319). Original airdate 4/25/2017.”

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