The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 – Caitlin Snow in Season 1

This week on Season 1.5 of The Flash Podcast, Andy and Lauren are joined by special guest and good friend of the show, super artist Lord Mesa (who was on the show earlier this year!) for this week’s character review which is all about Dr. Caitlin Snow in season one of The Flash! They discuss Caitlin’s overall arc in the first year, favorite moments, Caitlin in Team Flash, her relationship with Ronnie Raymond, her future as Killer Frost and speculates on where she is going in season two. That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

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[NOTE: This episode was recorded last Thursday night (August 20), which is why there was no discussion about the casting of Violett Beane as DC Comics’ Jesse Quick, Demore Barnes as Firestorm villain Henry Hewitt/Tokamak, Malese Jow returning as Linda Park in Season 2 or the recent mini-promo that was released for The Flash: all of that will be discussed in the next episode!]