Wentworth Miller Teases Flash Return and Opens Up On His Arrowverse Departure

It looks as if the Arrowverse may not have seen the last of Captain Cold yet. Wentworth Miller, who has played different iterations of Leonard Snart on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, appeared in a panel at German Comic Con in Dortmund this weekend. When asked about possibly returning to the Arrowverse, Miller replied:

I have one more episode to shoot, which I’ll do in January, and it’s going to be an episode of The Flash, and then that is it for me contractually. But I will never say never, because I do enjoy this character so much, I have a lot of affection for the cast, and it’s a really hardworking crew, I’ve enjoyed working with them. There are many reasons to come back, it just has to be the right story, and so far I think we’ve done a really good job of exploring all that Leonard Snart is, in his various incarnations, if the powers that be can prove to me that there’s more story there that’s worth telling, I’ll certainly consider it.

So it looks as if all hope has not been lost when it comes to our beloved Captain Cold, and it’s possible there will be some Leonard Snart appearances in the future of The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. Miller will next be seen in the midseason premiere of Legends that will air on Monday, February 12 at 8 PM.

The Flash Season 4 returns Tuesday, January 16 at 8/7c The CW!

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