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The Flash Podcast Season 2 – Episode 9: Running to Stand Still

On this week’s The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and Amy get together to review 2.09, the fall finale of The Flash titled “Running to Stand Still” which featured the return of The

The Flash Podcast Season 2 – Episode 3: Family of Rogues

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy and Lauren get together to review 2.03 of The Flash titled “Family of Rogues” that continues the introduction of Mama Francine West (played by the talented Vanessa Williams)

The Flash Podcast Season 2 – Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City

On the season two premiere of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott, and Amy all get together to review The Flash’s season two opener titled “The Man Who Saved Central City” that continues the adventures of Barry