The Flash Podcast Season 2.5 – Episode 9: Henry Allen/Jay Garrick In Season 2 & TCA 2016 News

On the ninth episode of Season 2.5 of The Flash Podcast’s summer season, Andy Behbakht is joined by David Jones, the amazing graphics and video artist of the DC TV Podcasts Network, as they get together to do another character review which this week is all about John Wesley Shipp’s Henry Allen, father of Barry Allen as well as Shipp’s new role: the real Jay Garrick!

Throughout the discussion, the duo talks about Henry’s journey in the second season as he got released out of prison after Eobard Thawne’s final act before he vanished in the Season 1 finale. They also discuss his Earth-3 counterpart as it was revealed that on Earth-3, he is a speedster by the name of Jay Garrick! They also discuss what they want to see happen for Jay in Season 3 and in DC TV in general, especially with the Justice Society that is appearing on Legends of Tomorrow in Season 2.

In the news section, they discuss the big casting announcement of Friday Night Lights’ Grey Damon who is bringing Sam Scudder a.k.a. Mirror Master to life, as well as breaking down all the big announcements that came out for The Flash at last week’s Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour during the CW day, including the big announcement of a Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover. That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

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