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The Flash Will Feature DC Villain Kilg%re in Season 4

Comic  Book Resources reports that The Flash will be featuring a different sort of alien this season – and one not as friendly as Supergirl! DC Comics villain Kilg%re will be coming to The Flash in Season 4. Kilg%re is an alien who had devoured his previous planet as a result of his hunger for electrically powered life forms.

Showrunner Todd Helbing revealed the technology-based alien will become a threat to Barry Allen and Team Flash. Kilg%re is described as an “electro-mechano-organic lifeform” and said to be one of the strangest villains the Flash has gone up against in the comics. Basically a sentient computer virus, Helbing says the character will be “a lot of fun.”

The character made his comic debut in Flash #3, released in 1987, as a threat to new-Flash Wally West. When Kilg%re initially arrived on earth, he was out of sync with Earth’s vibrations, and thus only those who were gifted with super speed could see him. During an encounter with Wally, Kilg%re is accidentally brought into sync with our reality and quickly becomes a powerful threat as he attempts to take over Earth the same way he did his home planet.

Since his debut (and eventual defeat by Wally), the character has shown back up in comics several times through the years. One of his most noticeable arcs was when he took over Maxwell Lord (who DCTV viewers will be familiar with from Season 1 of Supergirl)’s mind and forced him to create Justice League International in a bid to increase his power on Earth by creating a high tech network of superheroes.

His most recent appearance was in DC Rebirth’s Cyborg comic, where he inhabited a giant robot form and formed an alliance with other DC-tech based villains, like Calculator and Gizmo.

Season 4 premieres tonight, at 8/7c on The CW! Be sure to catch it!

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