The Flash Podcast Season 4 – Episode 3: Luck Be A Lady

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy BehbakhtAmy Marie and Brittany Rivera come together to discuss episode 3 of The Flash Season 4 titled Luck Be A Lady”! Throughout the episode discussion of “Luck Be A Lady”, the gang discusses the new DC metahuman Hazard who caused a lot of bad luck for the team while the Thinker’s motives slowly begin to unravel.

In addition to that, Harry Wells makes his return from Earth-2 with an important message to Wally from Jesse. All of this causes Wally to make a big decision as he leaves Team Flash! And it’s revealed that Cecile is pregnant! The gang also read feedback from listeners about what they thought of “Luck Be A Lady”. That and more on the latest episode of The Flash Podcast!

Catch the trailer and photos for next week’s episode: “Elongated Journey Into Night” featuring the debut of Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man and Danny Trejo as Gypsy’s father, the Breacher! Be sure to follow the amazing new platform Shethority on Twitter and Instagram, created by the Arrowverse’s talented women!

“Luck Be a Lady” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)

DC COMICS’ CHARACTER HAZARD COMES TO PLAY IN CENTRAL CITY — Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team are hit by a string of bad luck and realize it is the handiwork of a new meta, Becky (guest star Sugar-Lyn Beard) nicknamed Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck, while cashing in the benefits for herself. Meanwhile, Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) returns to Earth-1 to give Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) a message from Jesse. Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira (#403). Original airdate 10/24/2017.”

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