The Flash 2.23 Season Finale Promo

It has been a long and exciting season for CW’s The Flash as we have been exploring Earth-2, the Multiverse as well as Barry Allen’s toughest opponent yet: Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom and next week the final showdown begins!

After tonight’s episode, featuring Katie Cassidy as Black Siren (from Earth-2!), the CW aired a promo for the 23rd episode titled “The Race of His Life” which is the season two finale of The Flash. What will happen? Who will die? Who will be back? What will the setup be for Season 3? Who is the Man in The Iron Mask? So many questions and we only have to wait one week to find out!

You can check out the promo for the season finale below along with the official description for the episode from The CW.

“THE FLASH VS. ZOOM – After Zoom (guest star Teddy Sears) reveals his true plan, Barry (Grant Gustin) vows to do whatever it takes to stop him. Antonio Negret directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (#f223). Original airdate 5/24/2016.”

TV Guide recently put out a finale preview for tons of shows that are wrapping up their ongoing seasons, including The Flash. In their guide, they reveal that we’ll be discovering the identity of the man in the iron mask as well as getting a major cliffhanger that will give us some good hints on what will be happening in Season 3 of the show.

In addition to that, TV Guide also hints that we’ll be seeing “a new aspect of Cisco’s powers that he will explore” and our guess is that we’ll finally see him start creating vibrational blasts. Only time will tell, when we catch the epic season finale of The Flash Season 2, next week!

Don’t miss the epic season two finale of The Flash next week titled “The Race of His Life” on Tuesday May 24 at 8/7c on The CW! Let us know in the comments below about some of your predictions, hopes and more!