The Flash Podcast 04 – Going Rogue

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and Adam review the fourth episode of The Flash titled “Going Rogue” which introduced Wentworth Miller to the DC Universe as Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold while Arrow’s Felicity Smoak makes a visit to Central City as well. They also report the latest Flash news with Malese Jow cast as Linda Park, read listener feedback before heading into the spoiler section for the next episode on November 11.

3 thoughts on “The Flash Podcast 04 – Going Rogue

  1. Reozen says:

    Andy, that actually was Dominic he just made the tone of his voice sound a little different and creepier.

  2. Reozen says:

    I think the other bad guy that we got in the trailer is Blackout since Clock King and Blackout go against Barry in episode 7.


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